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Aquetta is a self taught Dallas baker and started Yum Cake Crumbs in 2014 driven by a high level of ambition and drive refusing to limit herself to titles. Aquetta is a hard-working mommy and wife that found peace serenity in baking, cake decorating, and party planning. The sky is not the limit, you are.


Originally a scrapbooker, she soon fell deeply into crafts i.e. custom greeting cards and party invitations, party planning, etc. which eventually led to baking. Each custom cake is unique and baked will plenty of TLC.

Yum Cake Crumbs operates under the Texas Cottage Food Law as a home bakery located in Dallas, TX providing custom cakes, cupcakes, and much more. 

1. The baker may sell the following homemade food items:

  • Baked goods that do not require refrigeration, such as cakes, cookies, breads, and pastries.

  • Candy

  • Coated and uncoated nuts

  • Unroasted nut butters

  • Fruit butters

  • Canned jams and jellies

  • Fruit pies

  • Dehydrated fruits and vegetables including dried beans

  • Popcorn and popcorn snacks

  • etc​

2. No health department or local government authority can regulate the production of these items. There are no licenses, registration, or permits required by state law. (With the exception of basic food handler's certification, see item 10.)

3. If DSHS or your local health department has reason to believe your operation poses an immediate and serious threat to human life or health, they may take action, including getting a warrant to enter the baker's home, and shutting down their operation.

4. The baker may sell the food at their home, deliver the food to their customer, or sell your food at the following locations: farmers’ markets, farm stands, or municipal, county, or nonprofit fairs, festivals, or events.


5. The baker's food must be packaged in a way that prevents the product from becoming contaminated. Items that are too large or bulky for conventional packagings, like wedding cakes or cupcake bouquets, are not required to be packaged.

6. The baker's food must be labeled according to the labeling requirements. The label must be affixed to the package, except for items that are too large or bulky for packaging; in that case the label may be incorporated into the invoice.

To view the bill in full, visit:

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