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Our buttercream frosting is made in the original tradition, with simply three ingredients: sugar, butter, and vanilla.

**Keto and vegan options available**


Yellow cake baked with Amaretto liquor, topped with an Amaretto glaze, followed by buttercream frosting, topped with a piece of snicker bar. 


Classic, perfected. Moist yellow cake topped with buttercream



​A moist cake containing grated carrot, black walnuts and layered with buttercream or cream cheese frosting​


A very light sweet cake of sponge-like consistency, made with little or no fat. Layered with buttercream frosting

Chocolate Espresso

Soaked in fresh espresso with espresso buttercream frosting

Chocolate Mint

Chocolate cake layered with mint buttercream frosting

Chocolate Raspberry

Rich chocolate cake, layered with raspberry preserves and topped with

chocolate buttercream frosting


White or yellow (butter) cake layered with a buttercream frosting and covered in coconut flakes​


White or yellow (butter) cake baked with sprinkles layered with a buttercream frosting

Cookies n' Cream

Vanilla cake baked with Oreo cookies layered with buttercream frosting

Dulce De Leche

Yellow cake layered with silky dulce de leche buttercream frosting and drizzled with caramel​

German Chocolate

Layered chocolate cake filled and topped with a coconut-pecan frosting, optional: covered in buttercream

Pecan Pile​

Classic yellow cake, studded with toasted pecans and layered with rich caramel buttercream frosting

Pink Champagne/Champagne

A white cake with champagne added to it layered with buttered cream frosting and topped with chocolate shavings​

Red/Pink Velvet

Red velvet chocolate cake layered with buttercream, optional: baked with chocolate chips



Moist layers of rich strawberry cake made with real strawberries layered with buttercream

Strawberry Avocado

Moist layers of rich strawberry cake made with real strawberries layered with avocado cream cheese frosting

Strawberry Shortcake

Yellow cake layered strawberry buttercream and fresh strawberries


Yellow cake soaked in Kahlua liqueur and fresh espresso, topped with Kahlua buttercream and sprinkled with dark chocolate shavings

Tres Leches

3 milk cake topped with fresh fruit


Moist layers of white cake layered with buttercream

White Chocolate

White cake layered with white chocolate buttercream

White Chocolate Raspberry

White cake layered with white chocolate buttercream and raspberry preserves

White Almond Sour Cream

Also known as Wedding Cake. It's moist dense and seriously delicious. Topped with our traditional buttercream frosting

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