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Just Enough Cake? Too little cake? Too much Cake??

This is by far the most concerning question customers have. 

Generous Servings are approximately 4" tall by 4" by 2" slices.  This is the cake slice size we recommend for smaller cakes or if only desserts are being served (and larger servings are desired).


Standard Servings are approximately 4" tall by 3" by 1 1/2" slices.  When ordering a party cake to feed a crowd, we typically recommend standard size servings.  (The more guests you have, the more likely it is that not everyone will want a generous slice of cake).  If you see us describing a cake as providing a range of servings, like a 6"8" tiered cake that serves 28-38, we are talking about 28 Standard Servings or up to 38 Event-Style Servings.  

Event-Style Servings or wedding-size servings are approximately 4” tall by 2” by 1” slices. This smaller slice is still a nice size serving after a meal or finger food. This is the serving size we recommend for weddings.  If only dessert are being served and larger servings are desired, we recommend cutting servings twice as large (Generous Servings), or 1 1/2 times as large (Standard Servings).

Cutting Tiered Cakes: For smaller tiered cakes you may cut the tiers from the top down. There is a cake board under each cake, which will tell you when to stop your knife. After those slices are gone, you may remove the cake board and start on the next tier.  Remove wooden dowels as you see them (they are hard to miss!). For taller tiered cakes, you may wish to remove the top tiers and cut them on the table. 

How to Cut your Cake

Yum Cake Crumbs cakes are approximately 5-6" tall. That is two 2" layers with a buttercream filling. Tall cakes are available and trending which consists of at least three 2" layers of cake with 2 layers of buttercream filling.


Cutting guides reflect 4" tall cakes. Serving size guides have been provided for tall cakes. If ever you have a small serving size but would like the grand appearance of a large cake, dummy (fake) cake layers are available and will be decorated as if it is a cake. 

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